greyscale is a digital publication in the world (formerly) known as music criticism.


Music criticism is in decay. Its purveyors are addicted to the search for a drug of impossible allure: unbiased, objective opinion.

Sound contradictory? It is.

Conventional music review platforms feel they must aim for consistency through their voice, opinions, and the scale with which they judge the music. No matter how "open" any one of these platforms claims to be, its mode of thought is indebted to the concept of objectivity.

We are posing something different.

Here, each album review is based on an interpretation of repeated first experiences.

What are repeated first experiences? Every time we interact with art, it interacts back. It has a different meaning every moment it is observed, appreciated, loathed, perhaps even ignored by the observer—we are just as much subjects to the art as it is to us, the listeners. These moments of interaction are experiences that compound on each other, and we believe they should not be confined to an objective value system.

A web of these experiences lies before you.

This site will be the platform for these artistic reactions. Through it we express ourselves, but we encourage you to explore your own creative process of interpretation. 

Our artistic reactions comprise textual, visual, and acoustic submissions from music lovers and enthusiasts. No circles. No numbers. Just some ____, _____, and ______.

- The Greyscale Team