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Leo Grossman

Max Friedlich

Alex Lee

Will Freudenheim

What happens when you take out the repetition in pop music? I began by listening to the chord structure of each song, and made cuts in the audio within each track for each repeating chord progression. Then, within each chord progression, I sliced all duplicate loops from across the song into equal parts, so that I could then play segments from across the same chord progression, which would then retain the same structure, but would be playing across the entire song. So, here's the whole album in five minutes!    -WF

Reta Gasser

Ryan Breen

Doodles are severely underrated. Letting your mind wander and your pen follow often leads to unexpected and satisfying results. As I was listening to this album, I was struck by the amount of snappy one-off phrases that begged to be scribbled in the margins of a high school notebook. So I did what seemed appropriate. As I sketched through the record I realized the resulting piece was fun to look at, but ultimately non-cohesive; a collection of good ideas taped together by necessity more than overall theme. I think it represents the source material well.    -RB

Regina Melady

You can't always get what you want! So listen to Carly Rae and be Emo:Tion:ALy Sat:iSf:ied!! #thanksAnna.   -RM

Pate Sanders